About Us

In 2001, it became very clear to the founder of SPG International and SPG Dairies, Sunil Sharma, that there was a massive void in the Australian food market. Finding traditional Indian foods was not a simple process. Products like lassi and paneer could not be easily purchased readymade at an Indian grocery store. Rather, they would need to be made at home from scratch or enjoyed when dining out at a restaurant. Sunil decided to change this and create a company with a simple mission: Make eating good foods easier for everyone.

Sunil was a figure in the Melbourne hospitality industry for almost two decades prior to opening the companies. During this time, he paid attention to the different challenges that restaurants and consumers faced and took note. Restaurants wanted food suppliers in Melbourne that could provide a certain level of product and service, while consumers wanted readily available foods that they could enjoy at home. This is how SPG International was born.

At first, SPG International exclusively distributed Sharma’s Kitchen products, including paneer, lassi and yoghurt—which quickly proved to fill the void and satisfy the demands of people in Melbourne. Next, Dairy products (such as milk and yoghurt) were added to the range and began to find their way into restaurants, cafes, supermarkets and almost every Indian supermarket in Melbourne. Over time, SPG International continued to introduce more and more products, including frozen and dry foods to its arsenal—providing more choice to its customers.

In 2008, Sunil noticed that something was missing. It became very clear to him that the same massive void we filled in 2001 in Melbourne, still existed in Adelaide. There was a high demand from the hospitality industry and consumers for the products we distributed, yet there was no one in Adelaide distributing them. Around this time, Sunil opened SPG Dairies Group to provide the city with the same power of choice and variety.

Fast forward to today, and the vision is still the same—Make eating good foods easier for everyone. The products SPG distributes are now widely available across both Melbourne and Adelaide at leading restaurants, cafes and at any leading Indian supermarket.